Thursday, 1 June 2017


Our visit to Wingham Barton Manor has been arranged for 2p.m. on Thursday June 22.
However, parking may be difficult , Ann Foat is currently trying to ask permission for us to park on Hulme’s entrances opposite and just down the road at the corner.
She says: "I will let those of you who are coming know the outcome." She adds: "There are still a few spaces if anyone else wishes to come and has not yet told me."


We're very sad to announce the death of Sylvia Profitt, who was such a great supporter of the Heritage Group.
Sylvia was one of the founding members of our committee, and served as Secretary for many years. She will be sadly missed. Our chair, Ann Foat said: "All those who knew her will have appreciated her loyalty and willingness to help in so many ways."
A thanksgiving service for Sylvia's life will be held in St Nicholas Church, Ash, on Wednesday, June 14, starting at 12.30pm.

Friday, 17 March 2017


Dr Wright's book on Faussett
The 2017 Spring Talk will be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, April 11, at 7.30pm.
Come along to hear eminent Kent historian Dr David Wright talk about the remarkable Saxon finds made at Guilton by 18th century archaeologist the Reverend Bryan Faussett, who excavated several east Kent sites.
Discover what Faussett found, and where these treasures are housed now. Discover too if there's more to find at Guilton - and why you're still not allowed to dig more than six feet down there!
Entry to the talk costs £3 and there'll be refreshments and a raffle as usual. All welcome!


Urgent...we need three more people to join our quiz team for the WI Quiz and Quiche next Saturday (March 25).
Some of our starting team have had to drop out. But we hope three others will complete our line-up so we can  still take part.
If you'd like to join us, please phone Ann Foat on 01304 812121 a.s.a.p.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


This has once again been a fruitful year for the Heritage Group. The autumn talk was given by Marguerite Lincoln from the Greenwich Maritime museum who told us about the girl from Ash who joined the navy in the eighteenth century  and served successfully as a man , even gaining a pension and retiring eventually to Greenwich once again as a woman. 
We entered a team once again in the Village Hall quiz and the W.I. quiz where good fun was had by all.
In the spring a visit to Uphousden was organised by kind invitation of Vaughan Grylls. This proved a most interesting visit. Old documents  were put out for our perusal and a tour of the house with an original kingpost arranged by Vaughan and  his wife. There were about 20 of us, and we all found the visit fascinating.
The Isle of Thanet Geographical Society came to the Heritage Centre in April and were given a whistle stop tour through the changes in the history of the village of Ash,  with the aid of our map collection , our photographs and our artefacts . They seemed to very much enjoy it.
Some of our maps were also on show for the launch of the Neighbourhood development Plan on April 30th combined with a newcomers welcome in Ash Village Hall.
In June we contributed to the celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday by presenting the main happenings in Ash in each decade of her reign. In this we were helped by some scouts and guides.
The work by the dedicated volunteers in the centre every week has continued. We have been digitising the photo collection and still cataloguing our own material which keeps on growing.
For example Mrs Jackie Hooker allowed us to copy the very interesting conveyancing documents she has concerning the turnpike cottage where she lives. These were especially interesting to your chair, as an ancestor first bought it when the turnpike stopped. 
We are now collecting the parish magazines. Any very early ones would be appreciated if anyone finds them in his/her attic.  We have also completed the sorting of the Goodnestone archive  for Julian Fitzwalter.
The log book of the VAD Hospital and an early book on Kent have been beautifully repaired by Canterbury Cathedral Archives. We have tried to answer quite a number of queries this year. One, for example, one involved a soldier who was at the VAD Hospital in the village hall.

We all owe our thanks to the committee who support everything that the group has done, and thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers - some of whom work on Monday mornings and some who give so much help to our IT needs.
The blogspot keeps going well and we are hoping to put some details of our catalogue on it soon. Lastly we must thank all our supporters who make the archive so successful.              
                         Ann Foat [chair]